Gemma Completes Skydive for A Mile a Life

28 June 2023

There are many ways to complete a mile! This one was pretty extreme though.

Gemma JustGiving Page read.

“The Charlie Dallas Lancaster Foundation was created in the memory of a wonderful man, Charlie Lancaster. He was my partner, my best friend, and the person I would have happily spent the rest of my life with. He was a cheeky, kind man with a thirst for life and who was loved by so many. Sadly, in 2020 his battle with his own mental health was all too much and it took him away from us.The foundation was set up to raise awareness and to allow the provision of much needed help and support to organisations and individuals working within the Mental Health and Suicide Prevention sphere.

Charlie was the person who would always push me and those around him to step out of their comfort zone, and this couldn’t be further out of mine!

If you would like to support me, the foundation, or simply want to nudge me out of a plane then please dig deep and donate! However small, all donations are greatly appreciated. They will go directly towards helping anyone struggling with their own mental health and so their loved ones won’t be in the same position that we have found ourselves ❤”