Where does your money go?

In 2023 CDLF have distributed 92 of our support boards.  The boards supply a network of organisations that provide support services to individuals struggling with their mental health.  They also have a QR code that links you directly to a help page on our website, where you can find numbers to contact if you or someone you know is in crisis.

The boards are displayed in many different environments from doctors surgeries to gyms, sexual health clinics to classrooms, shopping malls and more.


2023 Private Counselling Services £2688.00

October 2023 Menfulness £2000.00

December 2022 The Jordan Legacy £1040.00

September 2022 Menfulness £5,500.00

September 2022 Young Minds £860.00

June 2022 Menfulness £2000.00

March 2022 Menfulness £1,605.00

January 2022 Menfulness £1000.00

October 2021 Young Minds £500.00

June 2021 York SASH £10,206.86

June 2021 York Mind £10,288.12

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