Victoria & Charlie

Victoria Taylor

Trustee • Charlie’s Big Sister

Victoria has spent her full career in the hospitality industry. Carrying out senior positions with multiple venues as well as regional roles, she is a true people person and enjoys connecting with individuals and hearing about what drives them.

Alongside Charlie and Alexandra, Victoria spent her childhood growing up in her father’s hotels and these fond memories inspired her on her career path. Victoria was extremely close to her brother, supporting him through challenging times and encouraging others to do the same.

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Alexandra & Charlie

Alexandra Lancaster

Trustee • Charlie’s Little Sister

Alexandra has worked in the beauty industry for eighteen years having trained in beauty therapy at college when sixteen. She has always enjoyed the relationship she has built with her clients and is proud of the reputation she has built.

In 2017 Charlie encouraged Alexandra to go it alone and shared his knowledge of business to help her get up and running. She has since grown a successful salon, There She Glows.

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Gemma Stanham

Charlie’s Partner

Gemma moved to York for her studies and decided to stay, building a life in the city. She thrives on mentoring people and has spent 15 years in retail management applying her well-developed leadership skills.

Following the devastating death of her partner Charlie, Gemma recognises the importance of the vital services provided by mental health charities and is keen raise awareness and promote mental wellbeing.

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Oliver & Charlie

Oliver Bell-Syer

Treasurer • Charlie’s Friend

Oliver lives in York with his wife Jolyse and son Digby. He is passionate about the community and through his role in a large banking firm in Leeds, supports businesses across Yorkshire to achieve their ambitions.

Oliver is an active member of York Round Table, which he joined with Charlie in an effort to give back to the community through fund raising and volunteering. Together they organised many events raising £10s of thousands of pounds for York based charities and clubs.

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Tim & Charlie

Tim Brown

Charlie’s Friend

Tim has been involved in the renewable energy sector for over ten years, most recently working in the explosion protection industry. He has always been an active fundraiser, taking part in many challenges raising money for Cancer Research and Tiny Lives amongst others.

Tim spent a month in Africa, volunteering his engineering experience to help build a composting facility in a small village which helped the school to remain open whilst providing vital resources and a source of income for the community.

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John & Charlie

John Newland

Charlie’s Friend

John has worked in the charity and welfare industry for over ten years representing some of the largest organisations offering services to disadvantaged people throughout the UK. He is a previous trustee of York and District Mind and an active member of The York Round Table.

John shared a passion with Charlie to help others and his hopes for the Charlie. Dallas. Lancaster. Foundation is that it brings people together to show others the benefits of supporting people, something Charlie did in abundance.

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Oliver & Charlie

Oliver Newby

Charlie’s Friend

Oliver is a partner at a local independent estate agency and director of a property development company. A well-known businessman in the York property sector, Oliver
shared a professional and personal relationship with Charlie.

He is a founding member of the foundation and passionate about raising mental health awareness having experienced hurt and heartbreak with the passing of his dear friend Charlie.

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