C.D.L.F partner with Menfulness

28 June 2022

We are delighted to announce that we have joined forces with Menfulness. A fantastic organisation who are leading the fight to tackle the stigma behind men’s mental health.  These guys are incredible and this is an organisation that Charlie would have admired, and fully supported.

Menfulness recently posted of the partnership “We are blown away to receive a donation from the Charlie.Dallas.Lancaster.Foudation today.  Its hard to put into words just how significant this is for us and all those who understand what we are trying to do.  The foundation in his name continues the incredible work he spent his life on, and we are proud to announce our partnership”

Menfulness believe in a world where there is no stigma around mends mental health. A word where everyone can feel equally empowered to open up and talk about their complex life challenges.  Where men finding a support network and accessing professional support is completely normalised.

#DontManUpSpeakUp #togetherwearestronger