Share a Smile – December

30 January 2023

With Christmas fast approaching, many of our social feeds and messages day to day present us with excitement, joy and love. While this is a wonderful time for so many, as it should be, it sadly is not for many more and can only highlight the loneliness or struggles that they may be facing.

With that in mind and in keeping with the season of giving, we would like you to join us in our Christmas Campaign to “share a smile”.

You never truly know the impact of a kind word, a gesture or simply being a listening ear.

Throughout the month of December our CDLF team will be partaking in a random act of kindness and we would love you to do the same and share it with us.

We will be helping you along each day of advent with a little inspiration so watch out to see what’s behind the door!

In the words of our boy Charlie, “if you can simply make someone else smile to bring a moments happiness, it could be enough to change their day”

And when someone else helps you to do that, be sure to pay it forward and do the same for someone else.